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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 3, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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super bowl in new orleans. they made themselves available to hordes of r radio clowns. reporters from all over the world were sent there to report on the good, the bad, and the intoxicated. >> they basically have left the people walking around with this glazed look in their eyes. >> hey. >> like this one behind me. >> how are you doing? >> i'm from california. >> very nice to meet you. >> 49ers. >> you're going to do an interview with us? >> sure. >> we were just talking about here along bourbon street, the std rate. how long have you had an std? >> i don't have an std. >> why did you want to talk? >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm so sorry. >> are you serious? >> nothing to be ashamed of. >> i don't have an std. >> okay. >> i don't have an std. >> anyway, i've been taking care of that in my own little way.
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>> 49ers. >> yeah. she won't approach any more tv cameras. who do you like in the super bowl? >> super bowl. uhhhhhh. i think i'll be fair and balanced and say nothing. >> only one california team. >> big football fan, judy. that's a wrap on news watch for this week. thanks to everybody. i'm jon scott. we'll see you again next week. thanks for >>. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: i'm heather childers. topping the news, new fallout on the benghazi attack. leon panetta saying that the u.s. military could not respond like a police department. >> this is not 911.
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you can't simply call and expect within two minutes to have a team in place. >> heather: is this a preview of what we could see when he testifies before the senate? a fair and balanced debate straight ahead. >> gregg: and the death of an american hero. he struck fear into the hearts of our enemies and now we have the tragic ending of chris kyle a sniper without equal in military history. >> heather: plus, reports that the american dream have may have been premature. kids believe that their tomorrow will be better than our today. we begin with a fox news alert. a town in mourning as we awaited details on the alabama hostage crisis. the funeral for the bus driver gunned down by jimmy lee dikes. he has been hiding out in an underground bunker with a
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five-year-old hostage. jonathan, what happened at the funeral today? >> reporter: the funeral procession was led by the patriot guard riders and also a convoy of school buses with black ribbons tied to them. it was held at a local civic center that could accommodate a large group of people. it was attended by strangers that wanted to heroic bus driver and people that knew charles chuck poland as well including students. >> he was a really nice guy. if it was hot on the bus that day, he would have like a cooler full of water for us and give it to us. for holidays he would have us write down favorite things and give it to us for holidays. >> students say poland was not just a bus driver but a dear friend who truly loved each
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little person who came on board his school bus. >> heather: any new developments at the scene of the standoff? >> reporter: the standoff continues in the area that you see behind me, however so does the line of communication in the form of that pvc pipe leading from the surface down into the underground bunker. authorities say they are continuing to provide the five-year-old hostage with additional comfort items including food, toys and medicine. so far suspect jimmy lee dikes has been allowing this. >> heather: with that little five-year-old. thank you reporting live from the scene. >> gregg: we're getting new details on the investigation into the murder of a new york city woman in turkey, 33-year-old woman reported missing two weeks ago vacationing lb in istanbul. her body was discovered this
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week near a wall. she had a head wound and was lying near a blanket. she may have been killed by someone else and then moved. according to local media reports 15 people are being questioned by turn irk police two days before she vanished. she was captured on this surveillance videotape near one of the main shopping centers. she leaves behind a husband and two sons. >> heather: we are getting new information on the tragic death of a legendary veteran, most lethal sniper in u.s. military history killed at a shooting at a texas gun range. chris kyle a navy seal that served in four tours in iraq. he and another man were gunned down by a former soldier who kyle was reportedly helping with post-traumatic stress disorder. eddie ray roth has been charged with two counts of murder. molly is live with more on this
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tragic story. >> chris kyle the u.s. military's most deadly sniper and another man were both killed at rough creek lodge 50 miles southwest of fort worth texas. authorities have identified the shooter as man from lancaster now in police custody. they confirmed that he was a decorated corporal that has been deployed to iraq and served in haiti. he is believed to have shot kyle and his friend, chad littlefield at close range before fleeing the lodge area in kyle's stolen pickup truck. a motive remains unclear but he suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome. kyle had taken him to the range in an effort to help him cope and was reportedly turned on the two men. after the murders, texas authorities said he drove to his sister's house and told her and her husband what happened. they called law enforcement who
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went to the home to make an arrest. he fled but was caught after a short pursuit. an automatic handgun was recovered at his home. kyle was the best selling author of an autobiography. this story details his 150 plus kills of insurgents in iraq and he co-founded a center to help soldiers to recover from ptsd and also take veterans shooting at therapy. he appeared many times on fox news. in one appearance he stoke with bill o'reilly about being the job of a sniper. >> i wasn't so much committed to killing them as committed to making sure that every service member over there whether american or allied came home. >> reporter: chris kyle had a strong family life.
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he leaves behind a wife and children. >> heather: molly, thank you for the details. >> gregg: key figures on both sides of the gun control debate appearing on the sunday morning talk shows, national rifle association ceo speaking out against so-called universal background checks. the husband a former congresswoman gabrielle giffords voices support for banning assault weapons. >> it's universal background checks become the law everyone that buys a gun would be subject to a full criminal and mental health screening. this is something gun control advocates favor, but this morning the ceo of the nra says universal background checks won't work. >> it's fraud to call it universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. you are not going to computerize the mental health record.
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we ought to stop calling it universal check, it's the check on law abiding people. >> reporter: harry reid says he supports the second amendment but he is not going on to let the nra getting in his way. >> just because they resist it doesn't mean we can't do things. we have a lot of special interest groups complain about things, we'll listen to them and make the right decision. >> he says the senate might soon debate on an assault weapons ban something that gabrielle giffords's husband argued for today. >> i spent 25 years in the military. i know the value of having an assault weapon and i think they are way too readily available. in time we will be able to address those issues. >> nra said enforcing existing laws would reduce gun violence and so would rounding up gangs in places like chicago.
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>> gregg: peter, thanks. >> heather: new information now on a charter bus crash in boston that left 35 people injured and one critically. the vehicle carrying high schoolers and chaperones it slammed into an overpass. the driver of the bus ignored road clearance warning signs. passengers say the impact was violent. >> police say an investigation will determine if the driver will face charges. >> gregg: parishioners in los angeles hearing an apology from an archbishop as they attend mass today. the statement coming on the heels of recent revelations that top leaders of the l.a. archdiocese allegedly covered up decades of sexual abuse by priests. dominic is joining us live from
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los angeles. what is the archbishop saying about this. >> for 17 years of documents cataloging 124 briefs who molested children and a cultural of cover-up. the archbishop had let out to those attending mass in the city. here is what it said. this there is no excuse, no explaining what happened to these children. the police involved had the duty to be their spiritual fathers and they failed. passing on off the problem as a thing of the past, he seemed to be shuffling the blame on his predecessors. >> gregg: apparently we don't have that soundbite. look, what about archbishop maloney in los angeles, has he
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been essentially banished. by the way, this is the largest diocese in the nation, how are folks dealing with this? >> catholics in the los angeles, very interesting timing, the archbishop gomez was out of town but added a apology, a spat between them that hahoney has been removed. gomez seemingly blame previous leadership and also put it behind him as very much a thing of the past. cardinal mahoney in a private blog saying you didn't bring this up before. why is it being brought out now? so the church is very much split about it. the parishioners saying they really need the church in the future to be transparent about this because many of the faith
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title believe it is going to happen again. >> gregg: transparency, the nof8 concept. thank you very much. >> heather: still to come, 15-year-old girl, do you remember her? she was shot in the head by the taliban. how is hou she is doing following a pair of complicated surgeries. >> chasing at the american dream. are today's teenagers less optimistic than their parents? the answer may surprise you. >> and new details around a deadly terror attack in benghazi. what leon panetta is revealing before leaving his post for good. >> if we are invited we'll have the opportunity to testify. we look forward to it. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast.
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>> jazz, a sound indigenous to new orleans. beautiful balconies a sight seen throughout the big easy. >> we have so many different styles and so many different nationalitys in the city from german to latin and everybody had their own techniques of doing things. >> darrell reed has been a master blacksmith in new orleans doing rest forations and making custom -- restorations and making custom pieces. >> the hot metal and putting it on the anvil and hitting it and you get hot and dirty and it's labor intensive. this is what i do.
1:19 pm
>> reporter: steeped in tradition that dates back as far as the 1600s, he does it the old-fashioned way and adding his artistic twist. >> this is one of the more impressive pieces? >> every curl and component on this piece i designed and i fabricated. >> how long did it takes you to do this? >> that project, that took probably about three months. that was a big project. it wasn't big for footage but as far as labor. >> reporter: and this gate here is all handmade? >> that is all hand forged. >> reporter: what you have going here is fantastic. what is in the future? >> building a gallery in front of my building and i like to have a place for customers to walk in and purchase things.
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>> in new orleans, arthel nevil, fox news. >> gregg: new signs that the american dream could be on the comeback. take a look at this. a new poll showing a vast majority of today's youth believe they will be better off than their parents. yeah, mom and dad, we're so much better than you. look at that 43 and 52%, really? some groups of particularly optimistic about their future. here is with a deeper look, brenda buttner, anchor of "bulls and bears", what could you think of this? >> that is the optimism of youth. that is basically what we're seeing here. i think it's prevalent among the very younger teens. >> gregg: are they naive? >> i don't know naive but they may be excited.
1:21 pm
so many adults have lived, when you think about the american dream, better education, student debt is an all time high. we have seen the housing bubble burst and better job and unemployment is so high. for adults to be less optimistic than their children may make sense. >> my parents lived through the great depression and all reminded me of that and the difficult times. it made a difference in my life. take a look at this. the next gallup poll, will your kids be better off than you, they are more cautious? >> they just lived through one of the worst recessions we've ever had and we are in the worst of the recoveries we've ever had. in most recent memory they are facing unemployment and wealth is down the stock market is up so there are reasons for
1:22 pm
optimism but adults in recent memory have so many things that have been going bad, it's tough to be optimistic. >> gregg: throw the next one up. i think it is interesting. it breaks down among gender. look at this. actually better life, homes, better education, girls are more optimistic than boys? >> that is very interesting. we have seen women and girls make tremendous inroads in terms of education. they are graduating more and greater percentages than and boys and get better grades. for girls for optimistic that is good sign. take a look at, i think it was ages six through 12, those are not the kids that are living at home in their parents' basement. they have not gone to college and faced unemployment. so it's good for them to be optimistic. really good thing is what you believe about your future will have an impact on your current
1:23 pm
productivity. if you think you are going to get into a good college, you may do extra credit project. for these children to be optimistic it may translate into some good action. >> gregg: they broke it down also according to race. their term is non-white, you see a huge distinction here. >> right. they brought up the fact that it might be because of the obama effect. we have seen our first african-american president and that may bring operated him. in and details and republicans there is a break. >> gregg: throw that up. that is a huge difference, isn't it? >> yes, it is. we saw during the george bush years, republicans were more optimistic. we have seen more wealthy and republicans a huge drop-off. it went from 75% in 2008 who
1:24 pm
were optimistic to 30% right now. in part, democrats are more optimistic because they their president is in offe, they have more optimism about his policies and republicans converse is true. >> gregg: clearly you are optimistic personally? >> i am. >> gregg: because you are wearing bright red today? >> yes, go niners! we're both from california. look at you, wearing orange, what team is that. >> gregg: is that tampa? they are like the biggest losers in the n.f.l. i'm a loser. >> no. >> gregg: i lived for eight years in san francisco. i love the niners, during the heyday of steve young and joe montana. >> i grew up in watsonville, california. >> watsonville, high school. >> yes, the wildcats, go! >> gregg: that is so you.
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all right. heather? >> heather: i can watch brenda every. >> at 10:00 a.m. on fox news channel. >> still to come. new fears that north korea is on the verge of conducting another nuclear test. they have a bells ringing in washington. >> gregg: and supreme court ruling on religious freedom facing a test in brenda's state in california, do teachers at a christian school to provide proof of their faith? the school says, yes, you do. our legal panel is here. lis wiehl and mercedes. [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know
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>>. >> gregg: it is bottom of the
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hour, time for top of the news, hundreds of mourners gathering for a service for charles poland, jr. the bus driver killed in alabama on tuesday. the suspected killer has been holding the boy in an underground bunker for six days. today he charles poland is being remembered as hero. >> heather: meeting with iran national security, tehran is standing by their ally despite the syrian civil war that has killed more than 60,000 people. >> gregg: o'roo within friday is facing a discrimination lawsuit from a former employee. she says she received positive performance reviews while working for her but she was replaced after taking pregnancy leave. >> heather: what went wrong in benghazi. leon panetta giving his explanation stating that better intel would have given u.s.
1:31 pm
authorities a, quote, head start in dealing with the attack in benghazi that killed four americans also adding this.... >> this is not 911. you can't call and expect within two minutes to have a team in place. it takes time. that is the nature of it. our people are there. they are in position to move, but we've got to have good intelligence that gives us a heads-up that something is going to happen. >> heather: let's bring our political panel. trey hardin and christy, former spokesperson for howard dean. thank you both for joining us. trey, i'll start with you, is this 911 statement a preview of what we can expect when panetta testifies? >> throwing the intelligence community under the bus is nothing new to washington, it's not a partisan issue either. the dance has been done by
1:32 pm
republican and democratic white houses alike as in the movie, the potomac two step. the intelligence community it's convenient to blame them. they are a faceless players in this because by the very nature they are not allowed to speak to the media or respond to the criticism. as for panetta and the hearing, until there is a specific evidence against one of the players, i don't think his testimony will be anything different than hillary clinton's was. >> i could not agree with more. in terms of what we're going to hear from panetta, he will say the same thing from hillary clinton. essentially the same answers that he has already given in many interviews over how many months since the benghazi attack. what we can expect to hear from congressional republicans are the same sorts of disrespectful
1:33 pm
and antagonistic ill-informed things we also heard during the hearings of hillary clinton and even chuck hagel. >> heather: so not iminformed responses. i'll toss this question to you. they did indict the department of state, this is a quote, with shocking irresponsibility to protect american personnel at benghazi. the fact is the intelligence community and the department of state, they were sharing reports mostly provided by the c.i.a. for months that were outlining the growing threat in benghazi and, indeed, it was focused on western influence particularly the u.s. those requests early on for additional security prior to the attack went unanswered. you are satisfied with that response from panetta? >> yeah, i think what is being lost is the fact there has been an accountability review of all of this. they have laid out a number of
1:34 pm
recommendations. thef been agreed to by hillary clinton, by the president, by a number of people. we're not really at this point getting a lot new information. what is being lost in the context lindsay graham's request to have another hearing with will have papa. it's supposed -- leon panetta. there is a lot of questions we can ask hagel. we can ask him about the upcoming military budget cuts or the drawdown in afghanistan. it seems as though that republicans are focused on embarrassing the president and making an example out of the benghazi attack. >> heather: do you agree with that. do you think it will go differently? >> look, fortifying our embassies and protecting our personnel in clearly hostile areas does not require a political decision. it requires a decision based on reason.
1:35 pm
it's not our embassy in london here. we are talking about libya and there are a lot of people that want to kill americans. the political theater aside and who knew what and why ambassador stevens requests went unanswered i think what is more concerning is the lack of threat recognition. i think there are a majority of people in the country that have a philosophical difference from this president on the definition of terrorism and the threats that we face. i would argue that this country is lot more danger when it was when osama bin laden was alive because al-qaeda is very fragmented. they are not operating from one single playbook. i think the uncertainty that really makes the intelligence difficult and i think it makes it a scary place. >> heather: that is good point. despite these growing threats, no security measures were taken to protect the consulate at benghazi. it was well known that libya
1:36 pm
security forces which were almost non-existent were incapable of protecting the embassy. moving forward, is it important to have those issues resolved befor in a new secretary of defense? >> yes, again i'm not disagreeing with that. what i am saying those issues have been reviewed exhaustively. we have had a number of people agree to it and hearing and hearing of secretary of state clinton of leon panetta, and a number of other people. they have given interviews. we're not getting much new information. it's starting to look like political theater as trey has said. i think it's a huge miscalculation for congressional republicans here to again try to make an example of the secretary of state to put them on the defensive here because what they are forgetting hillary clinton and the president are extremely
1:37 pm
popular. people like senator johnson says hillary clinton is trying to get emotional instead of giving eajz >> heather: i have to wrap you up. i think a lot of people will argue that hillary clinton's testimony did leave a lot of questions still to be answered. thank you very much for joining us. >> gregg: a legal battle is brewing between a christian school and two former teachers there who said they were fired over religious discrimination. our legal panel is here. >> heather: and public figures calling for pulling investments from gun companies but is it fair to punish companies conducting completely legal business? a debate is up next. for over 75 years people have saved money with...ohhh... ...with geico... ohhh...sorry! director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw...
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1:42 pm
ruling on religious freedom. two teachers fired because they refuse to provide proof of their religious affiliation. well, the supreme court actually ruled that religious workers cannot sue for job discrimination, but it doesn't exactly specify that it includes teachers although i read the opinion. i think it does. lis wiehl is on this subject and mercedes is a fox news legal analyst, as well. mercedes, first you, why bother discussing. i have to give lis credit, she came up with the supreme court decision. let's put it up on the screen. it was january of 2012. does that say -- whatever. here it is. by imposing an unwanted minister the state infringes the free
1:43 pm
exercise clause that protects a religious group's right to shape its own faith and mission through its appointments. >> now that the law on that. >> gregg: please. >> ministers meaning ministers and not teachers. these teachers have been in the school for a long time. >> gregg: did you read the supreme court ruling? >> i did. >> gregg: didn't they use the word teacher. >> so religious and lay were the non-religious teachers. >> gregg: temperatures are a teachers. >> they have been in the school before it was bought by a christian school. so they would be grandfathered in. that the first thing. second thing, you have the fair employment act which is against
1:44 pm
the supreme court decision. >> gregg: harvard law school, to try to get around the truth. >> that is what lawyers. [ laughter ] >> gregg: forgetting you are a with it. she just admitted lawyers it's a license to lie. it's a license to steal but that is whole other topic. you have a case mercedes that is on point. >> exactly right there. is a case right now in the eastern district right here in new york which basically the organization that it is religious and they want their employees to be similar religion. >> gregg: and they have every right. >> it's called the ministerial exception. it's in case law. it's exactly on point. if you are religious entity and focus is on that, there is a standard. they can make selections and
1:45 pm
appointments with hiring that are the same religious ilk. >> forprofit and nonprofit and you bring in the fair employment housing act. >> gregg: that is good point. by the way, that supreme court decision that we cited, due drew distinction forprofit and not. >> they are saying it's partially not for profit. this school says it is for profit, but i think that the court is going to still be the ministerial exception rule not for not for profits. >> gregg: if there is anybody that is performing a ministerial duty isn't it the teacher in the classroom, it's not the janitor. >> exactly right. >> that is the distinction in the supreme court case.
1:46 pm
>> gregg: ministerial distinction prevails. >> the ministers and teachers and not ministers. so it doesn't necessarily prevail. second of all, a minister versus a teacher. do i need to answer that question. >> don't ministers teach? >> and teachers provide that. >> gregg: especially in religious schools. >> they weren't in a religious school when they started off. >> gregg: arguing a losing argument but you are so good. >> thank you. >> what we're talking about, they start their classes with prayer and they end their classes with prayer. >> they have to prove -- they have to prove they are christians so can teach? >> gregg: so lis loses and mercedes wins and by the way --
1:47 pm
but you are wearing something very close to a 49er ref. >> i think it was kind of pink. >> ma genta. >> mine is blue. >> gregg: they'll never be the same. mercedes, lis, thank you both. >> heather: coming up, the gun control battle now turning to financial institutions, some seeking to hit weapon manufacturers where it hurts, their bank accounts, but this is the right move for u.s. cities trying to end gun violence. we'll have a fair and balanced debate. an emotional day for a community in alabama. police negotiating with a man holding a five-year-old hostage as the community remembers the bus driver who died trying to save that boy's life. we are live in midland city. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases,
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. some cities leaders targeting financial firms into a battled over gun control. rahm emanuel is asking major lenders to stop doing business with firearm manufacturers. advocates, bill deblacio, he
1:52 pm
spoke with our own megyn kelly and had this to say. >> this industry is got a hold of this situation. i'm saying that the parent, too. my child walks the street of new york city. we can't have weapons available on the open market that could do such horrible damage and as public officials if we didn't use tools at our disposal there would be something wrong with us. >> heather: joining us is ellen ratnor and mary walter, talk show host. so this the right direction to go. i'll start with you? >> it's the only direction to go. you know in the 1960s when there was so much apart tied going on, students protested and they had companies getting rid of their stock holdings in south africa. that is the only thing that can sometimes work. >> she is equating the second
1:53 pm
amendment to apartheid which is absolutely appalling. instead of using what is legal, instead of passing a bill, if people are so behind this and politicians are so sure, pass a bill they would rather bully. let's do bullying tactics. i would love to see him do a security detail or disarm his security detail. let's have it for everybody but not just 1 percent that can afford private security. >> heather: is this an effort to surpass what they can't do legally and pass a bill? >> the problem is the gun manufacturers in my view are very close with the nra. they are trying to stop any good legislation that i think ought to happen. i forget the second amendment is a weg regulated militia. >> the people that wrote it, look what they said that means. >> i understand. >> not your interpretation.
1:54 pm
>> but there is a liberal interpretation to that. okay. well, i'm not sure your position is right. let's say it is there. people have a right to have guns, but do they have a right in having guns to not have the intensive background checks? to have the gun show loophole? i don't think so. est in the company ofe the right their choosing and people not have a right to have a company of their choice. >> one time at magazine we gave a freedom of speech who advocated one thing and to the opposite person because we believe both sides have an opinion. companies and mayors have the option of saying, we're not going to do business with you guys. people have the option of investing in the company. >> but when the government is
1:55 pm
bullying, the government if they don't like it, don't handle it. the left loves to talk about gun show loopholes. there was testimony before congress. if you watch that, less than 2% of guns bought at gun shows is used in crimes. that is a red herring. it's not guns. >> what about the angry young men. >> you can look at all the guns, probably less than 2% are used in crimes. >> the problem is we have a generation of very angry young men. why don't we look at why they think the answer is pick up a gun, a batted or tire iron and go after somebody. why don't we look at the problem >> it's inner cities, if you
1:56 pm
look at the people who are doing the mass murders, they are not from inner cities. >> more people were killed in chicago by mass murderers. >> they have not just been, they haven't just used guns and firearms when they have done these mass murders here. >> sandy hook was pretty much guns. >> heather: number one on this list, you have the top 12, dirty dozen, private equity firms, capital management and they announced following the newtown shooting that it would sell the largest gun company freedom group that produced the bushmaster firearm that he used. >> i think that is great, but you have some people investing. look at nra membership went up after sandy hook. >> absolutely. >> i think that mayors, such as
1:57 pm
the mayor of chicago and assistant mayor in new york have a right to say to gun companies, hey, we're not going to do business with you unless you change some of your policies. >> heather: we have to wrap it up. >> and personal security, if it is good enough for us, it is good enough for them. >> heather: thank you for joining us. >> gregg: angry young men, it's all my fault. chuck hagel is under fire for members of his own party. facing a barrage of tough questions to be the next secretary of defense. how many senators will vote to confirm. our political insiders are here to weigh in. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice,
1:58 pm
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>>heather: welcome to brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >>gregg: glad you are with us. a tragic ending for an american hero. a former navy seal survives the dangerous war zones overseas but was gunned down here at home. new details on the death of the most lethal sniper in our military's history. >> more americans sticking with the daily grind by postponing
2:02 pm
retirement. do necessity -- they need to? kicking back may not be so bad, though. >> i'm not going to give you a yes-or-no answer. >> you refuse to answer that question? >> ouch! the president's nominee for defense secretary having a pretty tough time in the hot seat. will chuck hagel get confirmed? our political insiders are here to weigh in on that. >> we begin with the hostage crisis in alabama. today, a bus driver shot to death by a man who abducted a five-year-old has been laid to rest. in the meantime, police are continuing to provide the little boy with as many comfort items as possible as they work to secure his release. now to alabama. jonathan, at funeral for the bus driver, what did people say?
2:03 pm
>> by all accounts he was a man who loved his job and went above and beyond the call of duty. students who took the bus say on hot days he provided them with cooler of water and holidays he would give them presents. the funeral was attended by strangers wanting to honor his bravery and long-time friends. >> he will be missed by the town especially by the family but by the town, too, and all the school kids. >> so did his co-workers would drove school buses with black ribbons to lead the funeral procession. >>heather: this little boy in the underground bunker, everyone praying for him and his safe return. what about the scene of the stand off. what do you hear? >>jonathan: still ongoing. the police command post is behind me. they are still in communication with the suspect. authorities say they are keeping
2:04 pm
the line of communication in the form of a pvc pipe leading from the surface to the underground bumper where he is keeping the five-year-old boy. he has been allowed authorities to deliver comfort supplies to the five-year-old hostage. those supplies, today, that they have been providing include food, toys, and medicine according to authorities. >>heather: the comforts he needs most is his mom and dad. thank you very much, jonathan. >>jonathan: amen to that. >>gregg: america is mourning the loss of a man considered the most lethal sniper in military history. a much honored former navy seal who served four tours in iraq. he and another man were gunned down by a soldier serving in the reserves who laos was -- who he was helping with post-traumatic
2:05 pm
stress disorder. the defendant is charged with murder. now, molly? >> the loss of chris kyle, the most deadly sniper to a fatal gunshot wound has stunned the military community where he was revered for his service. kyle and another were both killed at the lodge, 50 miles southwest of ft. worth, texas. the shooter is an iraq war veteran. kyle was the best selling author of "american sniper," published by fox news parent company detailing his 150-plus kills of insurgents in iraq. he received multiple valor awards including two silver stars and five bronze hearts. he also helped create the nonprofit foundation that helps soldier recover from post-traumatic stress syndrome and known to take fellow
2:06 pm
veterans shooting as a form of therapy. texas authorities believe kyle and his friend were shot around 3:30 in the afternoon and the suspect leave in his truck, a man who was deployed in 2007 and served in haiti and is listed on "reserve." the motive is unclear but he suffered from ptsd and kyle may have taken him to the range in an effort to help him cope but he thought him at close range before stealing the pickup truck and fleeing the scene. texas authorities say he drove to his sister's house and told them what happened. they called law enforcement who went who make an arrest and he fled but was caught a short time later after a pursuit. an automatic handgun was recovered from his home. kyle was a true american patriot
2:07 pm
and he appear many times here on fox news where he talked about his love of country. >> you have to show respect. that flag is red, white, and blue and the red stands for the blood the guys have spilled not just in iraq and afghanistan but. >> through our history. you are not going out just trying to kill people and wrack up numbers but to save americans. >> he was a family man, he leaves behind a wife and children. >> sad story. molly, thank you. >>heather: a charter bus crashed injuring 35 in boston. the vehicle was carrying high schoolers and chaperones on the way back to philadelphia after a visit to harvard university when it struck an overpass. one person was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries and three with serious injuries. passengers say it was complete mayhem.
2:08 pm
(inaudible). >> chaos? >> utter chaos. >>heather: police say the driver failed to heed low clearance warning signs. an investigation will determine if he faces serious charges. >>gregg: outgoing defense secretary panetta speaking out today defending the u.s. military response to the terrorists attack in benghazi that killed four americans. panetta's reaction coming as confirmation hearings for panetta's replacement raised serious questions about his successor. steve is joining us live from washington with more on that. steve? >> defense secretary panetta appeared on the sunday talk shows and defended the man nominated to succeed him at the pentagon. panetta suggested the tough questioning senator hagel faced during third's capitol hill hearing, was driven by politics.
2:09 pm
>> it is pretty obvious the political knives were out for chuck hagel. what disappointed me is that they talked a lot about past quotes but what about when a secretary of defense is confronting today? we did not see enough time spent on discussing those issues. in the end that is what counted. >> he says hagel should have been questions about issues like afghanistan, the middle east, and the looming budget cuts at the pentagon but he came underfire for past statements of israel, iran, and u.s. nuclear strategy. at least 12 republicans plan to vote against hagel while only two, so far, have said they would vote for him. that is congress ran of mississippi, and a senator from nebraska. observers on both sides thought hagel did not do such a great job at the hearing. >> disconcerting thing, obviously fox anyone that watched it, he seemed
2:10 pm
unimpressive and unprepared on the questions that he knew were coming. watching the testimony it appears weak and very unconvincing. >> the senate judiciary committee could vote on hagel's nomination by thursday. >>gregg: weak, unimpressive? we will put those adjectives to our political panel coming up. thanks, steve. >>heather: israel is giving the strongest hint it was ninety an airstrike on syria last week according to the country's defense minister. however, he stopped short of actually confirming it. officials of the united states say the strike targeted truck convoy with anti-aircraft missiles to hezbollah, the group based in lebanon. syria has vowed to retaliate. >>gregg: the national gun debate, now. this week, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords testified on a senate hearing on gun control. today, her husband and n.r.a.
2:11 pm
chief appeared on fox news sunday. peter? >>peter: the universal background checks become the law that everyone who buy as gun from a dealer or a gun show or a friend would be subject to a full criminal and mental health screening, is something gun control advocates favor but this morning, the c.e.o. of the n.r.a. says that will not work. >> it is a fraud to call universal. the criminals are not going to comply. they could care less. you are not going to computerize the mental health records. here is what will happen, quit talking it universal check. the title ought to be the check on law-abiding people all over this country. >> the democratic senate majority leader, harry reid, supports the 2nd amendment and universal background checks but he will not let the n.r.a. get in his way. >> just because they resist does not mean we cannot do things. we have a lot of special interest groups that complain
2:12 pm
and we don't listen to them. we will listen to them and make the right decision. >> harry reid said the senate could debate an assault weapons ban that gabrielle giffords' husband argued for. >> i was in the military 25 years and i know the value of an assault weapon, to kill a lot of people quickly. they are way too readily available and in time we will be able to address those issues. >> the n.r.a. c.e.o. said enforcing existing laws would reduce gun violence and rounding up gangs in places like chicago. >>gregg: thank peter, from washington, dc. >>heather: in a shocking town, the archbishop of los angeles apologizing to victims of child sex abuse. what he said and how victims are reacting. >> millions of americans are putting off retirement. is this a sign of the times or the new normal?
2:13 pm
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>>gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines. syrian president bashar al-assad saying his military is capable of confronting aggression. that is the first comments since a suspected israeli airstrike on wednesday. >> the 15-year-old pakistani girl shot in the head has had two successful operations. she was attacked by gunmen traveling home from school in october. >> police in great britain using a taser stun gun on a man articled with two knives. he was reportedly headed to the gates of the palace. he was arrested. >>heather: troubling federal news for large chunk of the population. 60 percent of americans between the ages of 45 and 60 putting off retirement plans according to at least a new report. that number has been rising for half a decade. this stat is actually surprising
2:18 pm
to some analysts because the economy, they say, is starting to turn around. what is going on here? we will bring in the senior business correspondent and anchor of bulls & bears. thank you for joining us. this number, then, is increasing. in fact, two years ago, 42 percent of retirees were putting off retirement. why the increase? >> it has been -- we have been getting more gray as a workforce because people have longer life spans and they have better health. we have switched from defined pension benefits to more risky 401(k) plans for people who have worked longer. the last two years was a dramatic jump leaving us to think it is something to do with the economy. people have been drawing down the 401(k)'s and into their savings because they have lost jobs and the value of homes are going down. the storm now is back where it was before the big financial meltdown in 2008 but, however,
2:19 pm
there is a feeling of insecurity. that is what is driving people to stay in the workforce longer. >>heather: home prices are rising now, and you mention the stock which has turned around if now. so, with the economy possibly rebounding, how long will it take for that to translate into retirees? >> it is a matter of confidence. despite those indicators which you rightly point out, consumer confidence is plummeting. so, it really -- people have to feel richer. they have to look into their 401(k) and say, okay, it is going up, it will continue to go up. our home prices may start to come back but they are far below what they were at going of the boom and the top of the housing boom. so, people have to start feeling better about this, not to continue working. >>heather: the numbers are what they are in terms of delaying retirement s that good
2:20 pm
or bad news for companies? >> for companies, having valued work employees is good. they are well trained and can continue to work. over all for the economy it could be bad. they are taking jobs away from younger people graduating with student debt, and they forced to go back do their parents, putting additional burden on parents who are still in the workforce and facing a sandwich generation of people growing older and not in the workforce. >>heather: we talks about that yesterday. >> there are a lot of things going on. there is one positive: what people say they are going to do and what they actually do, there is a large disconnect and people may say they have health problems or job problems and they may not work so long. >>heather: when do you see the trend turning around? which direction should it go? what best for the economy? >> having older workers train
2:21 pm
younger workers and having them as a resource is the best thing for the economy. it depends, though, when the trend will reverse on the economy itself. at this point, there are some things that are looking month positive but there are a lot of negatives. we saw in the 4th quarter, g.d.p. which is the broad of the measure of the economy is in decline. we could be in another recession if that happens. >>heather: the employment numbers released on friday, 156,000 new jobs which was under the 160,000 threshhold we thought we would get. and unemployment is still high. >> people are dropping out of the workforce. we will below 365,000 a month for the next three years to get close to 6 percent unemployment. that used to be what we thought was fair employment. >>heather: any area or industry that is best for
2:22 pm
retirees if they do need to stay in the workforce? >> they will have to continue staying in 9 jobs they have because it is heard to switch over at that late stage. young graduates coming out have a skill set they are hoping to go into but the jobs are not there. >>heather: thank you, brenda, for joining us, as always. you can -- brenda every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. >>gregg: so uplifting to hear the friend of kids growing up and moving back in with their parents. >>heather: yours have not moved out yet. >>gregg: so i will support my kids until i'm dead? >>heather: happily. >>gregg: love my daughters happy to do it. president obama's nomination for secretary of defense in the hot seat so republicans abandoning
2:23 pm
former republican senator chuck hague ill in his confirmation. our political insiders here to check in. >>heather: brand new health concerns for parents, the two items in your child's diet that you should be closely monitoring. stay tuned for that. [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪
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>>heather: the bottom the hour and time for the top of the news. a alabama bus driver killed by a man who took a five-year-old hostage has been laid to rest. hundreds attended the funeral services as the hostage situation stretches into day six. we are getting results for new york city woman killed while vacationing alone in turkey revealing she was murdered by a
2:28 pm
blow to the head. a dozen people are being questioned. >> a 22-year-old injured in the nightclub fire in brazil has died bringing the death toll to 237. >> the archbishop of los angeles apologizing to victims who suffered sexual abuse in the church expressing sympathy read during mass across the city today. and now, live for us from los angeles with more. dominic? >>reporter: in the face of 70 years of documents, 124 priests who me lived children and documenting a culture of coverup at the leadership levels, the archbishop has letters to read to those attending sunday mass. there is no excuse, no explaining away what happened to the children, the priests involved had a duty to be a
2:29 pm
spiritual father and they failed. gomez was passing off the problem as a thing of past and seemed to be shuffling the blame on the predecessors. there are four million catholics in the los angeles diocese, and having timing that the around bishop gomez was out out of town today but had a colleague read out the apology. at the cathedral of the lady of the angels there was mixed reaction today. >> he apologizeed but he... (inaudible). >> the church needs to really change the structure and the good ode boy's network. >> i don't think this problem will be completely taken care of. >> i waiver in my faith of the clergy but the essential
2:30 pm
message, no. >> feelings that several people had said the church needs to be making greater effort to ensure abuse cases on this scale don't happen again and if the cases do, the church needs to be much more transparent. >>heather: thank you, dominic, from los angeles. >>gregg: chuck hagel getting grilled during the confirmation hearings to be our next secretary of defense. some of the most intense questions coming from fellow republicans who didn't exactly treat him with kid gloves. listen to this exchange with senator john mccain. >> will you answer the question, please. were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge blunder in thist dangerous country since vietnam. correct or incorrect? yes-or-no answer. >> my reference to --.
2:31 pm
>> are can you answer the question? the question is, were you right or wrong? that is a straightforward question. i would like to have an answer. >> i am not going do give you a yes-or-no answer. >> he refused to answer the question for the record. >>gregg: john mccain may have missed his calling, he should have been a lawyer. so, how many republicans will vote for their former colleague. we have john leboutillier, former republican congressman, for new york. pat caddell, former pollster for president carter and doug schoen former pollster for bill clinton i googled worst confirmation hearing ever and up popped chuck hagel. i thought it would be john tower or bork. hagel got the worse. >> here is what happened.
2:32 pm
bottom line, chug hagel demonstrated why i believe he is not qualified to be secretary of defense but, yet, there are a couple of republicans who will vote for him and i predict that the entire democratic caucus in the senate, some 54 or 55, will vote for him. he will be confirmed notwithstanding he had misstatements about iran and would not answer senator mccain on the surge in iraq and demonstrated he doesn't know a lot about the job he is most likely going to get. >>gregg: did he rise to the legal of incompetence? >> that is where he landed, incompetence. i loved the containment thing. it was unbelievable. he will proposal get con filled but the issue is, our partisan
2:33 pm
politics has produce add system all democrats include those who know he does not belong, are voting for him. a lot of democrats in the southern states and alaska, where if there was an effort, i have seen polling numbers privately that show that when people find out what he has said, this is before the hearing, they go south so fast on this guy. i'm talking about democrats and a lot people --. >>gregg: stuff on iran and israel. >> here is the point, hillary clinton and secretary panetta left office saying iran is dangerous putting next juxtaposition about hagel and obama. >>gregg: can you put up hillary clinton's remarks. she said the iranians are all in for assad and there is little room for any kind of dialogue with them. yet, are we hearing from the president that he wants direct
2:34 pm
negotiations? >> if the supreme leader, come -- khomeini. and with what is going on now in north africa, in algeria, and mali...this is a real problem. >> here is where the republicans need to get their act in gear and step up and take advantage of that confusion and that vacuum. i don't think john mccain is the way. that clip you played was an extreme example. >>gregg: play this clip, then "no pass." >> i have been handed a note that i have misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. if i said that, i meant to say i -- obviously his position on containment we don't have a
2:35 pm
position on containment. i recognize i have more attention paid to my words the last eight weeks than i ever thought possible so i don't take any chances. >>gregg: i would love do know what the real note said. >> it says "contain is our policy." >> the sad thing, you would like to think the man or woman who is in charge of the defense department is on top of this thing. this is vital. do you have any faith that guy knows anything on a number of fronts, afghanistan, iran, china, sequestration in we will face huge cut that have to be done smartly in the defense budget. i have no faith and he is a republican. i'm a republican. i don't feel --. >> i want to jump back on north africa. there is a fundamental, beyond hagel, a fundamental problem. the president's real policy is
2:36 pm
not necessarily that of panetta and clinton. we watching the president move to his natural position which is really wrong which the country doesn't understand back to the point that democrats are going to have a problem. he is way left and i think that is why he wants hagel. >> secretary clinton by all accounts was far more aggressive in supporting the libyans, and undertaking the syrian opposition and taking on terror in north africa than the president has been. bottom line, what pat and john spoke to, they are right: there is a huge, huge division in democratic ranks that republicans have not explained. secretary panetta, he spoke directly to these issues in his outgoing interviews and spoke of the need to protect the defense budget. >>gregg: is it your sense that hagel will be a nonfactor?
2:37 pm
go ahead and cut the budgets, but --. >> he is so weak he is a -- you are the principle defense advisor to the president, beside joint chiefs on the civilian side, and this is all for the white house consolidating. look what happened in mali. what was the white houses firsting extinct to say, we have no interest there? then panetta and clinton pushed back. that is a story the mainstream media ought to be getting into. who is running policy? the white house policy is basically one of retreat. >> i think that hagel will have no influence on policy whatever. he is a front man for massive budget cuts in the pentagon that obama needs to do in order to keep financing the social safety net. >> we have no answers about
2:38 pm
whatback is doing in north africa and what the vick to -- the risk is to ourselves. >>gregg: lots of disappointing numbers on the u.s. economy, and how it will shake out in washington our insiders are back in a moment. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] [ justin ] mulligan sir. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is, a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ angry gibberish ] [ fake coughs ] y that was my fault sir. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus severe sinus. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try alka seltzer plus severe sinus day and night for complete relief from your worst sinus symptoms. your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes.
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>>heather: and now, in iraq, 15 people are dead and 90 others are wounded in a militant attack. one homicide bomber drove his car into a police headquarters building. secretary of state john kerry having a busy first day on the job. he called officials in israel, canada and mexico. an update on the deadly homicide bombing at the embassy in turkey, as well. in alabama, a memorial service for the school bus driver who died trying to protect his young passengers. a gunman boarded the bus and
2:43 pm
shot the bus driver before taking a boy hostage on tuesday. the stand off continues today. >> disappointing economic numbers coming out this week. first up was the g.d.p. showing the economy actually shrank the last quarter of 2012. then the job report on friday, showed the unemployment rate for january inching up now at 7.9 percent with the political impact that brings. we bring in our political insiders. we got a clip of the president, his usual presuper bowl interview. take a listen. >> overall, there were a lot of positive signs but defense spending was cut 22 percent the biggest drop in four years. it was abrupt the it had to do with folks being worried about the possible impacts of the fiscal cliff and what goes on here in washington.
2:44 pm
what i have said repeatedly, washington cannot continually operate under a cloud of crisis. that frieses up consumers. it gets businesses worried. we cannot afford the self-inflicted wounds. >>gregg: we cannot deal with crisis? isn't that what washington is about? >> it is something more. he is the president. he is the personification of what washington is. what he is doing is saying, the problems in the economy, which are still clear, we're not out of the woods, are the responsibility of someone other than him, but bottom line, he didn't resolve the issues with the fiscal cliff with sequestration and we have not heard from the management -- president about that. >> the first thing this interview has done, but on wednesday when the numbers came
2:45 pm
out the white house speak said house republicans caused this. they love blaming others. he is the personification of the u.s. government, why, for the last year and a half has he not been able to take his own budget deal, the simpson-bowles commission, and sell it to the american people. >> i want to jump in. jimmy carter had on his desk the sign that harry truman had, "the buck stops here." this is the antibuck stops here. it stops everywhere else. we went from g.d.p. at 2.1 percent to a negative and say it is because of one month of defense spending cuts. he has been the person advocating the defense cuts. i am saying it is not only total nonsense but ludicrous. bull crap. by the way he gets away with it. the mainstream media, most of
2:46 pm
the efforts and abc and nbc, they did not cover the drop. they have unemployment. the economists say the underlying things are great, but something is wrong here. he is the president. to continue to blame it on everyone else... >> the republican party has no credible alternative narrative, no argument. in was going to be a speech outlining another vision but the republicans have no answer to what pat was talking about. >> it is the same we talked about on the segment on foreign policy, no voice speaks to the mainstream of america on the two issues. if the republicans seized simpson-bowles and sold it, that would be very popular. >> paul ryan sat on the simpson-bowles commission and voted in favor of it. >> washington doesn't care about
2:47 pm
the economy. they are rich. they are rolling in money. the president even mentioned at the inaugural they would talk about immigration, which is a longer term issue, guns. we are not dealing with the fundamental problem of an economy with millions of people who cannot get jobs. the problem is jobs and the economy. neither side is talking about how to revitalize the economy, create jobs, promote economic growth. there is no comprehensive fiscal plan, tax plan, or budget. bottom line, it is a broken system. >> all interested in partisan division, debate, and what little advantage i can get today, led by a president who ought to go see "lincoln" and figure what it is about. >> i am sensing a little frustration. >> there is. the system only works. the players and system are honest in the way they play. they are supposed to represent the people that sent them there but they don't give a hoot about
2:48 pm
them. they don't care. they are happy in their occupy lives. >> the mainstream media sucks up to them. has anyone asked a tough question? scott pelley, did they ask a tough question? ever? >>gregg: gentleman, good to see you guys, political insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern and they will be back here next sunday. >>heather: coming up, a new warning for parents, we will tell you common food items you may need to limit in your child's diet. not in my house! h! ha ha ha! no no no!
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>>heather: a tussle over traffic town in east cleveland racking up $500 in violations from speeding through school zones to running red lights. according to the mayor, the usps is refuse dog pay because they have federal immunity. >> interesting that the postal service, a federal agency we all rely open, feels their drivers
2:53 pm
can speed through the school zones without responsibility and we did not know they were above the law. i wish if they were able to speed through the school zones and were danger children, you would think we would get our mail faster. >>heather: they say that employees must obey local traffic laws like any other driver but there is no way to make them pay for breaking the laws because of union agreement. >>gregg: that answered my question. union agreements. >> two common food items that parents should be looking out for. we're talking about sodium and caffeine. >>heather: reports from the centers for disease control and the world health organization have new guidelines. we have the director of the center for comprehensive medicine here in new york city. thank you for joining us, doctor. sodium and caffeine for kids specifically, what are the recommended amounts? >>guest: we don't recommend
2:54 pm
that kids consume any caffeine because it is addictive. for sodium, the recommendation of the world health organization are less than 2,000 milt gram as day which is easy to get in your diet, a bag of chips or popcorn can have 1,200 in a serving. health way over the amount. >> so, parents need to be vigilant. >>guest: very. what is happening, with the add vent of the energy drinks and candy that is fortified with caffeine and the foods that have a lot of sodium in them, parents are facing a daunting task. the average child consumes three of the energy drink equivalent as day, the problem with caffeine, highly addictive and what it does, it creates a consumer out of the children who are actually ingesting the
2:55 pm
products. >>heather: what are the implications if your child has too much of either? >>guest: 18 deaths are being investigated by the f.d.a. but the problem is long-term. we consume the products and you think there is nothing they can do but caffeine is a sometime plant linked with elevated blood pressure and heart disease. for those at higher risk, those that suffer with certain conditions could experience problems later in life. there are specific risks right now. >>gregg: when you look at package, and obviously advertising is everything, low carb, and you look at back and it said only ten calories, it is
2:56 pm
attractive. >> they are trying to focus on one problem everyone is worried about, how many calories. they do nut think of the other health risks. caffeine is a stimulant. there are other substances which actually may have more of an effect on the human body but it is important to understand these particular rods and ingredients found in products that children normally consume can lead to significant long-term consequences. >>heather: you mention zero calories and you go down a little further and it says 500 grams of sugar. >>guest: that is the other part, too, focusing not on sugar here but a lot of the products contain caffeine and contain a lost sugar which is part of the damaging effect. it is not just one ingredient that is a problem but there are others. a lot of things parents can do. moms can look at ingredients and make sure the can says "no
2:57 pm
sodium added." and you can enhance the flavor of food, including lemon and garlic, a lot of things that make foods taste delicious and do not require the additives. >>gregg: we have something in our house where you put the lemons in the water and it flavors the water naturally with lemons. >>guest: there are so many of these things you can do, you can add herbs or hot pepper, all the things that are healthy, and make the food full of flavor and take away the damaging effect. >>heather: we appreciate the advice today. >>gregg: thank you, doctor. >> that will do it for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace is coming up next and the entire crew i have talked to into being 49er fans, right, everyone? on board? right? >>heather: see you back here
2:58 pm
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